7 Unraveled Secrets of Ancient Celebrities and their Lifestyle


Imagine if TMZ existed back in the times of Cleopatra and Alexander the Great. You’d be surprised to discover the similarities with today’s famous figures. They lived lives full of intrigue, extravagance, and, of course, scandal. Just like today’s celebrities, they were watched, admired, and imitated by the masses. Their influence transcended borders, cultures, and centuries, shaping the world in ways we might not even recognize today. Here are seven fascinating secrets of ancient celebrities and their lifestyles that might surprise you.

1. Bountiful Banquets

The Romans were renowned for their lavish feasts. Think of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s exclusive Met Gala after-party, but in a palatial Roman villa. These gastronomic gatherings were not merely about indulgence, but a show of wealth, status, and influence. Emperors like Nero and Caligula threw some of the most decadent parties recorded in history. Extravagant courses, copious amounts of wine, and diverse forms of entertainment were the norm. If you’re curious about the details of such extravagant gatherings, a detailed analysis of these ancient elite social gatherings can be found in this fascinating review.

2. Egyptian Eye Makeup Wasn’t Just for Style

The trademark of any celebrity is their distinctive style, and the ancient Egyptians were no different. They were known for their bold, black kohl eyeliner, which served more than just aesthetic purposes. It was believed to ward off evil spirits and protect the wearer from eye diseases. The practice was so ubiquitous that even statues of deities were adorned with kohl. Check out these 7 jewellery pieces that symbolize wealth and prosperity to get a glimpse into the ancient Egyptians’ love for symbolism and style.

3. Fitness Was a Lifestyle for Greek Celebrities

The Greeks placed great importance on physical fitness. Ancient celebrities like the Spartans and the Athenians were admired for their athletic prowess as much as their leadership skills. They believed in the philosophy of a sound mind in a sound body, leading to the creation of the Olympic Games. Today, we see this reflected in celebrities who advocate for physical fitness and health.

4. Extravagant Burials Were a Big Deal

If there’s one thing ancient celebrities knew how to do well, it was to leave a lasting impression, even in death. The Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, and the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus are testaments to this. These grand structures were erected to honor influential leaders and celebrities of their time. The afterlife was of significant importance, especially to the Egyptians, who prepared elaborate tombs filled with all the amenities they believed they would need in the next life.

5. Music Was a Universal Language

Whether it was the rhythmic drumming of Africa or the enchanting lyres of Greece, music was integral to the lives of ancient celebrities. Many rulers were patrons of music and other forms of art. They understood the power of music in uniting people, setting moods, and even charming animals. If you’d like to know more about how ancient music continues to influence today’s music scene, here’s an interesting perspective.

6. Love for Exotic Pets

Ancient celebrities were famous for their love of exotic pets, from cheetahs and lions to birds from far-off lands. These pets were not just status symbols but also companions and sometimes even participants in hunting expeditions.

7. Ancient Celebrities Understood the Power of Fashion

From Cleopatra to Emperor Nero, ancient celebrities knew the power of fashion. They used it to display their wealth, power, and individuality. Fashion trends set by these individuals are still influential today.

Although our celebrities may not host feasts lasting several days or build massive pyramids in their honor, the fascination with their lifestyles remains. Whether we’re intrigued by their wealth, talent, or the scandals that seem to follow them, one thing is for sure – they captivate us in a way few other things do. And while modern celebrities might not match their ancient counterparts in the lavishness of their lifestyle, the desire to glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous remains a universal fascination.

The Power of Influence: Then and Now

Back then, ancient celebrities were not just people to be admired from afar. Their influence was deeply entrenched in society. They were lawmakers, spiritual leaders, and even war strategists. Their actions and decisions shaped the course of history, much more directly than celebrities today. However, the influence of today’s celebrities should not be underestimated. They shape public opinion, drive trends, and even influence political landscapes. From the Kardashians to Oprah, today’s celebrities use their platforms to effect change, just as their ancient counterparts did.

Ancient Superstitions and Modern Day Beliefs

The lives of ancient celebrities were deeply intertwined with superstition and mystical beliefs. They consulted oracles, believed in the power of charms and talismans, and practiced elaborate rituals to appease various gods and goddesses. Interestingly, you can still find remnants of such beliefs among today’s celebrities. Many of them consult psychics, wear lucky charms, or follow specific rituals before performances. Superstitions and mystical beliefs, it seems, transcend time.

Living Under Constant Scrutiny

One aspect of celebrity life that has remained constant is the intense scrutiny they live under. Just as today’s celebrities are constantly watched and discussed, ancient celebrities also lived under the public eye. Their lives were the subject of many songs, stories, and plays. Their scandals were discussed in public gatherings and used as cautionary tales. The only difference is, today, the reach of this scrutiny has amplified thanks to the power of the internet and social media.


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