5 Ways you Can Improve Quality of Medical Care Services

Medical Care

Even though medical technology has advanced in the past years, there are still medical errors and there is a constant need for improvement in healthcare. Health care providers can improve the quality of care by better utilization of resources and following standard protocols.

Here are some effective ways to improve healthcare services for patients.

Medical Care Services

Right Care for Pregnant Women

Some women think it’s okay to just visit their gynecologist once before childbirth. While that should not be the case. According to WHO, a woman should visit her doctor at least 8 times during pregnancy. It can help identify any defects and reduce the likelihood of stillbirth or neonatal death. 

Healthcare providers should offer full support and information to pregnant women on how to cope with the situation. Educate them on every visit on how to adopt healthy lifestyle plans. Encourage women to attend family planning counseling after childbirth. 

Essential Healthcare for Newborn

Proper care for newborns is another area where medical sectors can make improvements. As soon as they are born, newborns should be kept clean and warm. Since an infant’s immune system hasn’t developed fully, vaccines are given according to guidelines. 

Any complications and defects should be identified in the early stage to prevent the progression of the disease. A postnatal complete checkup should be done by the doctor to make sure the baby is in a healthy condition.  

Care for Sick Newborns 

Premature babies who are born small for their gestational age are at a much greater risk for long-term health problems and death during the neonatal period. They should be kept warm at all times and need extra care and time in the facility. 

Babies who are sick need care in well-equipped neonatal units. Only trained staff should be allowed to care for them according to their health concerns. 

Improve Preventive Healthcare

Many patients won’t be in such a critical health problem if their condition has been diagnosed earlier. People should be encouraged to attend regular medical checkups to avoid problems in the future. Every healthcare facility should have proper screening and other tests for diagnosis. Below is a list of some tests that are carried out as part of preventive healthcare also.

  • For colon cancer screening, a colonoscopy procedure is done.
  • Genetic testing for breast cancer or ovarian cancer.
  • Blood test for cholesterol and sugar. 
  • Test for gonorrhea, syphilis, and other sexually transmitted diseases. 

Provide Better Physical Environment 

Every healthcare facility should make it their number one priority to maintain a clean and sanitary environment. They must provide clean water and waste disposal facilities. The space needs to be organized and maintained to facilitate the provision of quality services. 

You can look for medical collaborator solutions to improve your services and hire a well-trained medical team.

Any healthcare facility should have the proper equipment, stocks of medicine, and supplies to keep the place clean. Healthcare provider can only deliver their services adequately if they work in a safe and well-organized environment.

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