5 Reasons to Buy a Mobile Phone Signal Booster




Are you one of those who are completely tired of the low mobile signal at home or in the office? Then this article is exactly what you need. In this post, we are going to explain how you can increase the quality of your signal and make your mobile connection fully stable regardless of all the external factors that traditionally have a negative impact on signal reception. 

Actually, the signal can be spoilt because of different reasons, and a huge distance between your location and the nearest cell tower of your operator is only one of them. It means that even if you install a cell tower in your backyard, you still may have issues with your connection. Why? The explanation may surprise you. One of the reasons why you can have cell phone signal issues inside can be the use of some particular construction materials. For example, concrete and metal are among those materials that do not let mobile signals in and function as a barrier to them. Among other external factors that have a strong influence on the signal power, we can mention landscape peculiarities, infrastructural factors, etc. 

But is there any way to solve these problems? Definitely yes. And this solution is known as a mobile phone signal booster. 

What is a mobile phone signal booster? 

Repeaters (or amplifiers, or boosters) are devices that are intended for increasing signal power and making it more stable. As a result, users can enjoy a good connection without interruptions. How is it possible? Does a booster create its own signal that replaces the signal transmitted by your mobile network operator? No, it has another working principle. 

A mobile signal booster has a very sensitive outdoor antenna that is able to catch even the lowest signal that can’t be received by your smartphone’s antenna. Then a booster box strengthens the received signal. And after that, an indoor antenna spreads the signal so that all mobile devices located within the booster’s coverage area can get the stabilized signal. 

In other words, we can say that booster just makes the existing signal stronger. 

Today there is a wide range of booster models available. There are repeaters that are designed to improve the quality of GSM, 3G, 4G, and/or 5G signals. You can buy a booster that will be compatible only with one signal or a device that will be able to improve 2 or 3 types of signals simultaneously. 

There are also boosters with different coverage areas. It means that while some devices can be a perfect choice for small studios and offices, some others have enough power for covering with the improved signal even inside areas of huge shopping malls and office buildings. 

Today, there are a lot of stores that offer repeaters, but if you are looking for a reliable device, you can get a mobile phone signal booster at https://www.myamplifiers.com/. This online store has a good reputation and sells only the best devices, the quality and safety of which are proven by internationally recognized certificates. 

Why should you buy a mobile signal repeater? 

Cell signal amplifiers boast high popularity which is explained by a long list of benefits that they have. We’ve prepared a list of reasons to demonstrate why you also should consider buying this device for solving your mobile phone signal issues. 

  • Reason 1. This device will help you to increase the signal power regardless of the exact nature of the problems. It doesn’t matter whether your signal is low due to infrastructural factors or weather conditions, the signal will be improved. 
  • Reason 2. It is a very cost-efficient solution. You need to invest in this device only once. Moreover, as it has been already noticed by thousands of users, the energy consumption is really low and even doesn’t affect your utility bills. The majority of modern devices have a special energy-saving (or sleep) mode. When there are no mobile phones that are using the improved signal at the moment, boosters switch to this mode and do not consume any electricity at all. Once there appears a mobile phone within its coverage area, a booster will start working automatically. 
  • Reason 3. One booster is able to send a signal to numerous mobile devices simultaneously. As there are no cables that should connect your mobile phone with a booster, an unlimited number of smartphones and tablets can use the strengthened signal at the same time. It means that even when you are looking for a booster for an office or for a public place like a gym or medical centre, there is no need to order several devices. One will be enough. 
  • Reason 4. Boosters can work without users’ involvement. After you buy and install a booster, your participation in its work comes to end. Though some models have manual settings, it is an additional function. All modern devices are able to adjust their settings automatically. It means that even if you do not have any technical background and do not even want to dive deep into all these details, you do not have to!  
  • Reason 5. This solution is absolutely safe for your health. There is an opinion that boosters can be dangerous but in reality, it is not so. Repeaters even help to reduce the level of radiation that is usually emitted by your smartphones and other mobile devices. It means that you can install these amplifiers in any room you wish without fear. 

So, as you see, a mobile phone signal booster really can become a perfect weapon in your fight with a bad connection. The main thing that you have to do is to choose the right model. Before placing an order, you should clearly understand what type or types of signals you want to enhance and what inside area should be covered with the boosted signal. We wish you good luck in overcoming your mobile phone signal issues and hope that you will successfully solve these problems once and forever.



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