3 Things to Try to Promote Your Pet’s Dental Health


Wouldn’t it be great if our fur babies had pearly white smiles and mint-fresh breath when they opened their mouths?

A clean dental apparatus and light pink gum lines indicate good overall health. This is precisely why you should monitor and review your furry pet’s dental health regularly. Focus on dental hygiene but also consider being prepared with cheap pet insurance in the least.

Pet health insurance is available in different levels of cover, so contemplate purchasing a policy that best fits your four-legged baby’s health needs and your budget. Do a careful comparison of the benefits offered by various policies and then request and compare quotes.

In the meantime, read this article to learn a few things to try to promote your furry precious’ oral and dental health.

Some puppies are open to the idea of getting their teeth brushed, while others might resist it. In such a case, you can consider trying the below-mentioned products on your pooch; however, seek your vet’s opinion first.

#1 Water additives

These are simple pet products with enzymatic constituents that help break down plaque formed on a puppy’s teeth and ingredients that impart freshness to a puppy’s breath. Note that the usage of water additives cannot serve as a replacement for regular brushing and dental examinations. Instead, they can help avoid plaque buildup and associated tooth issues.

These products help lower your pet’s saliva’s pH and break the biofilm that causes plaque and tartar. Many of these additives have mild or no flavour at all, making them easier to incorporate into a pet’s dental routine. One downside of this product is that the price can be comparatively high; you can consider buying in bulk if you are running a multi-pet household.

#2 Food supplements/additives

These products can help improve a pet’s teeth and gut health and, consequently, general wellness. Owners can spread them on top of their fur kid’s meals conveniently before serving. They are nutritive, promote oral and dental health and digestive function, and do much more.

Food supplements are available in different forms, textures, and consistencies. For instance, powders, creamy toppers, and crispies are popular formats. Additives containing pre or probiotics and fiber are often recommended by veterinarians.

#3 Dental treats

Consider switching to dental treats that help control plaque and tartar buildup. Then again, these treats are insufficient to curb the menaces of plaque and tartar formation; regular professional dental cleanings are a must.

As with any treats, you should be wary of the quantity of treats offered to your pet. They can introduce more calories into your fur baby’s body, so it is advisable to give them in moderation. Choose from small treats to larger chew-type treats that come in various flavors to encourage your dog to try them.

You can even toss a raw bone into your pet’s bowl. However, monitor your pet while it chews a raw bone because rapid eaters can choke on them. Plus, they can be contaminated with parasites and pathogens when not sourced from a proper place.

Watch out for the above health risks and also consider being equipped with cheap pet insurance at least so that dealing with medical emergencies and unanticipated illnesses is less financially stressful. Contemplate purchasing pet health insurance so your pooch can avail of the medical care it deserves in distressing health scenarios like this and many others with minor economic hassle.


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