3 Stunning Ways to Convert Photo to PDF Free


If you have a lot of JPG pictures and want to select some beautiful ones to put together in PDF file format to share on different platforms on the internet. You can also secure your image files with respect to PDFs. That’s the obvious reason you need to convert photos to PDF file format. A photo to PDF converter free by theonlineconverter is the best choice for you to make conversions from image to PDDFs quickly. In this guideline, we will have discussed some ways to turn photos to PDFs without any hassle.


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JPG to PDF Converter for Mac & Windows:

Users can use this software after downloading it to mac and windows to access any features since it provides you Photo to PDF converter free. Just drag the image file into the converter and drop it into the designated area of the converter. Once the conversion has been done, save your files to your computer. You can make conversions more quickly as compared to web-based image conversion programs because it does not need a stable internet connection. You can use this software freely. However, you must pay a premium for a month to register to get the additional features.

How to convert image to PDF with JPG to PDF converter?

Step #1:

To start the process off, download the software and open it. After that, select photos from your desktop or file folders to upload and drag the images to the Photo to PDF converter, then drop them onto the “Drop Your Images Here” area.

Step #2:

Another way to select the files is that you can click on the “Add” button at the top left-hand side of the page and select images from your desktop or file folders.

Step #3:

Once you uploaded the photos, click on the “Convert Now!” button and save your new PDF files to your computer.


With PDF Candy, you can make co[nversions from photo to PDF file format because it provides you a Photo to PDF converter free. It allows you to save photo as PDFs without distorting the quality image. Whatever image file you need to convert, the software makes sure they are all secure. Your files aren’t saved for longer than 2 hours and are never shared with third parties. You can turn photo into pdf on any device and OS, you need just a stable internet connection. Moreover, you can convert files to and from compatible file formats with the help of this application.

How to save image to PDF with PDF Candy?

Step #1:





At first, go to the PDFCandy home page, select “JPG to PDF” from the list.

Step #2:

Then, click on the “Add file(s)” option to select images on your desktop or in your file folders for making conversion. You also can select images from your desktop or file folders, drag them to the “Add file(s)” box and drop it there to upload.

Step #3:

  1. After uploading your photo files, click “Convert” button to start the PDF conversion process.

Step #4:

  1. Once your image file has been converted to a PDF, click “Download file” to view and save it on your computer.


This software is an amazing choice for you because it offers you with a Photo to pdf converter free to make conversions swiftly. It helps you to save image as pdf within no minutes. Just upload the photo into the toolbox of the converter and get new PDF files without losing image quality. You do not need to worry about your file’s privacy since your uploaded and converted files are deleted from the server automatically. You can use this software freely and there are no restrictions and limitations to making conversions from photos to PDFs. It supports all the operating devices that have modern web browsers.

How to convert photos to PDFs freely with the theonlineconverter?

Step #1:

Just upload or drag and drop the file into the drop-zone area of the converter. You can upload multiple JPG files to make batch conversions.

Step #2:

Once you upload the file, click on the “Convert” button and wait for a second to complete the process.

Step #3:

Now your files are ready, just click on the “Download” button and save your files instantly


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